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Club Committee 2018

ChairpersonJohn Taylor
Vice ChairpersonAnne Butler
SecretaryOliver Costello086 8598273
Pollagh, Newtowncashel, Longford, Co. Longford

Club Notes – Winter 2018

We started the year with our AGM on the 19th April. Our guest speaker on the night was Dr Alan Fahey Professor of animal breeding in UCD. He gave a really interesting talk.
The existing committee were re-elected with one change. Mark Butler replaced Haesel Dickson as our PRO. Haesel will be a hard act to follow.

We held our BBQ with the results from the herds competition on the 14th of July. Our judge this year for our Herds Competition was Tommy Screene. He proved to be a very popular judge. He gave every herd adequate of time, and showed great interest in each herd.
Lakeland Dairies were our sponsor this year.

Club Tour
The Club tour took place on the 28th August. This year we went to Galway to the herds of Bertie, Julie, and Theresa Roache, Tommy and Orla Screene, and Brendan and Helen Gildea.

After taking the rally roads of Galway thanks to the rally experience of our navigator Oliver we arrived at the Roache family farm. This was a farm with a difference. Along side a lovely dairy herd Theresa makes cheese. We all came away with a better understanding as to how to make cheese! It is a very challenging project, but one that they are well able for. They told us about the problems they faced this year with the lack of grass growth, as you can only make the cheese from milk that is produced off grass. 50 litres of milk goes into making one wheel of cheese.

From there we went to Screene’s Farm. Tommy made it sound very easy to have a top herd. Every cow in the field had great conformation. He showed us some of his older GMI cows. They did not look their age at all.

After Tommy’s we went on to Gildea’s herd. This was a very different system again. Brendan again had good type in his cows, and this year was very difficult for them in an organic system, as it is not so easy to source extra organic feed in a hurry. They also have three robotic milking machines.

The three farms were very interesting in their different ways. The one common denominator was their love for what they are doing, and that they are very much family enterprises.

We ended the day with a lovely meal in Tommy Screen’s brother’s restaurant.

We were joined by our three host families. Thanks to FBD for sponsorship.

Farm Visit
Our final event of the year was a field day on the farm of Kevin and Michael Gunn and Family on the 29th September.

They showed us their herd and told us about their feed and breeding policies. They have recently acquired more land, and have put in a rotary milking parlour. We were provided with a demo of their new milking system. It takes a lot less time to milk! They also showed us their new cow tunnel. We were given a very welcome cup of coffee and goodies after the talk. We wish them continued success in the future with all their new systems. We were sponsored by Boumatic.

Herds Competition

Heifer in Milk
1. Robert & Paul Thompson
2. Pauric McEnerney
3. Austin Scott
4. David Heaslip
5. Liam Tierney
6. Oliver Costello

Junior Cow
1. Oliver Costello
2. Fergus & Jeanne FArrell
3. John Mills
4. Liam Tierney
5. David Heaslip
6. Padraig McEnerney

Senior Cow
1. John Mills
2. Fergus & Jeanne Farrell
3. Robert & Paul Thompson
4. Clifford Poyntz
5. Winston Bennett
6. Austin Scott

Premier / Elite
Heifer in Milk
1. PJ, John & Emer Kelly
2. Edwin Bennett
3. Colm McGerr
4. John & Grame Taylor
5. Martin Garvey
6. John, Lily & Edward Beirne

Junior Cow
1. John & Deirdre Shortall
2. Adrian & Phil Ennis
3. Gerard & Shane McHugh
4. Martin Garvey
5. Michael & Colm O’Reilly
6. Herbert Pollock

Senior Cow
1. Andrew, Anne & Mark Butler
2. Michael & Colm O’Reilly
3. Tom & Haesel Dickson
4. Gerard & Shane McHugh
5. PJ, John & Emer Kelly
6. Mike & Mick Magan

Best Overall Herds
1. Winston Bennett
2. Austin Scott
3. David Heaslip
4. Pauric McEnerney
5. Oliver Costello

Development Large
1. Clifford Poyntz
2. Fergus & Jeanne Farrell
3. Robert & Paul Thompson
4. John Mills
5. Liam Tierney

Best Overall Herds
Premier Small
1. Edwin Bennett
2. Adrian & Phil Ennis
3. John, Lily & Edward Beirne
4. Joe Devine
5. Jason Poyntz

Premier Large
1. Herbert Pollock
2. Mike & Mick Magan
3. PJ, John & Emer Kelly
4. Michael & Colm O’Reilly
5. John & Deirdre Shortall

Elite Section
1. Martin Garvey
2. Colm McGerr
3 (Joint) Tom & Haesel Dickson / Andrew, Anne & Mark Butler
4. Gerard & Shane McHugh

Special Awards
Progeny Group
1. Winston Bennett (Robin)
2. Joe Devine (Rudwilson)
3. Jason Poyntz (Ponder)
4. Robert & Paul Thomson (Vascoman)
5. Pauric McEnerney (Talent – stockbull)
6. Tom & Haesel Dickson (Juke Planet)

Cow Family
1. Martin Garvey (Veta)
2. John, Lily & Edward Beirne (Ebony)
3. Herbert Pollock (Ada)
4. Andrew, Anne & Mark Butler (Wilma)
5. Michael & Colm O’Reilly (Hanna)
6. Jason Poyntz (Nora)

Special Awards
Oldest Cow in Herd
John & Deirdre Shortall: Moycool Origin April 1 VG85 (DOB: 26.10.04 – 12th lact)

Highest EBI Cow
John & Deirdre Shortall: Moycool Harold April EBI €218
Mike & Mick Magan: Bunacloy Ramos Marie VG87 EBI €218

Highest Production Cow
Andrew, Anne & Mark Butler: Leagh RM TAL Lauren ET EX91 2E (12699kgs milk, 852kgs solids, 3.34%F, 3.37%Pr)

Young Stockperson Award Runners up:
Emily Farrell, Gemma Tierney, Colm Shortall, Eoin Shortall, Cian Poyntz, Leanne Tierney

Young Stockperson Award: Aaron Bennett

Overall Champion Heifer in Milk
Clifford Poyntz (Shalom Shuttle Rowena)

Overall Champion Junior Cow
Austin Scott (Kildoo Wyman 3)

Overall Champion Senior Cow
John & Graeme Taylor (Kilgarriffe Pietje 12)

Overall Champion Herd
John & Graeme Taylor

Mark Butler

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